Why Write?

Why do I write? Why does anyone write? Most of us write because we have a story (or stories) inside of us. I feel like I do.

But most importantly, I want my readers to feel. I want to tap emotions and open fissures that have been covered over by years of callous. I want people to feel my stories. I’m not nearly as concerned with plot or character as I am with raw emotion.

Does my work hit a nerve? Does it speak to something you’ve never voiced? Does it resonate? This is my aim: to take our numb society and make it feel again. It doesn’t matter so much if you feel anger, sadness, joy, or release, it’s the emotional contact. That is what has been lost in our virtual society.

Read. Feel again!

Published by AdamJStump

Adam is a husband and father of four boys. He is a pastor in the United Methodist Church in the Western Pennsylvania Conference. He is passionate about connecting with people at every possible level and creating real community. His first love is for God and hopes to show that love in the way he lives.

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