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I’ve finally updated my site! I have to admit, this is the thing that I’m the worst at. I just don’t like doing updates. I don’t like blogging, and I don’t like formatting. I don’t like editing pictures, and I don’t like inserting media and hyperlinks. However, I realize that this is how we communicate information. It’s a shame that smoke signals have gone the way of the buffalo. I think that I’d feel more at home with them.

In any event, new content has been added, including a link to a new book that can be purchased (The Rabbit Hole Vol. 0), and an update to the home page, including my upcoming new releases, which are both short story collections. As soon as the links are available for pre-order, I’ll post them.

I encourage you to keep checking back, as the site will continue to be updated as new events happen. The remainder of 2020 has a lot of awesome new things coming for me!

Published by AdamJStump

Adam is a husband and father of four boys. He is a pastor in the United Methodist Church in the Western Pennsylvania Conference. He is passionate about connecting with people at every possible level and creating real community. His first love is for God and hopes to show that love in the way he lives.

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