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There’s a lot going on these days at Fiction by a stump! I’ve launched my book, The Endless Summer, and I’m finalizing the manuscript for The Falling Woman, which is an eclectic compilation of my short stories and poetry.

I’ve started a podcast with Greg Krojac dedicated to short reads (everything from drabbles to short novels).

I’m working with the fine folks at SciFi Lampoon to get their newsletter up and running!

I’m also beginning my review page again and working through a backlog of submissions for me to read and review. Please be sure to follow me on all my social media links to get the latest updates and see what other authors are doing!

Published by AdamJStump

Adam is a husband and father of four boys. He is a pastor in the United Methodist Church in the Western Pennsylvania Conference. He is passionate about connecting with people at every possible level and creating real community. His first love is for God and hopes to show that love in the way he lives.

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