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In today’s world people often don’t have time to commit to spending days reading a novel and want something that they can read in a few hours. They get a whole story in around two hours when watching a movie so it shouldn’t be surprising that sometimes they want the same from a book.

This podcast caters to such readers. Authors Greg Krojac and a stump have teamed up to create a brand new podcast designed to link writers of short reads and readers of short stories.

What is a short read? Simply put, anything under 60,000 words. This includes drabbles, micro and flash fiction, short fiction, novellas (novellettes), and short novels.

READERS: we hope that you’ll find some good short reads here that’ll grab your interest and give you the ‘fix’ you desire.

WRITERS: we hope is that this podcast becomes a great place to learn more about writing short fiction, promote your works, and find new readers to enjoy them.

New episodes air every Tuesday, beginning September 8, 2020. Click here to listen to the podcast. Click here to visit the website.

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