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Not only do I write, but I love to read. Below are links to stories and books that I enjoyed and hope that you will, also.

The Word and the Pond is a short story published by Jakob’s Horror Box. It’s an amazing piece of flash that encompasses the ethos of two worlds and more than two beings in just a few short paragraphs. This is the type of writing that inspired me to take up writing, myself. Not only is ND Coley my best friend, but also an encouragement and inspiration to my own writing. If you follow his FB page, you’ll get all his updates. To read one of this incredibly gifted author’s best works of flash fiction, click here.

Judd’s Errand by Greg Krojac is a wildly fun romp through a Mad Max-type future and follows the seminal adventure of an apocalyptic courier and his unlikely companion as they race across a desert world and face nearly certain death to complete a delivery of utmost importance. You won’t be able to put down this novella, and when you reach the end, you will be left hungry for the next installment. An excellently crafted story, told by a master of the English language, Greg Krojac does not disappoint with this new foray into a shocking world of harsh life and even harsher death. Not for the faint of heart, this book will both disturb and encourage you. Pre-order on Kindle here.

Buku by Jennifer Anderson is a ridiculously superb story involving genetically modified hippos engineered to solve the world’s energy crisis but end up ravaging the population and destroying civilization as we now know it. Sound far-fetched? Did you know that hippos kill more humans than sharks? As one of the deadliest animals in all of Africa, I came face to face with one of these giant beasts while sitting, unprotected, in a canoe. I sat motionless while the beast yawned at me from a mere five feet away, exposing giant ivory tusks, capable of ripping a human in two with a single bite. The creatures that Anderson creates in Buku are five times the size of a regular hippo, with rows of razor sharp teeth and claws. This is a wildly plausible story that speaks to the dangers of playing God with creation and showcases the very real and present danger of modifying our ecosystem in an attempt to manipulate it for gain. The characters crafted by Anderson are so human, you feel a primordial kinship with them, as they play their part in a near future that has more in common with our pleistocene past. Order an electronic copy or paperback here.

Japanese Robots Love to Dance by Margret Treiber is a fun romp through a series of interconnected stories written in Treiber’s whimsical style, which communicates a wry sense of humor and a lighthearted sense of despair, resulting in a resignation to contentedness with a world which is oftentimes unfair, but ultimately what you make of it. This book is truly an enjoyable read and will force you to smile, laugh, cringe, and scream at your e-reader when you come to the end, which begs for a sequel. Without a doubt, Treiber has one of the most unique and conversational writing styles in the indie sci-fi world. The characters speak from the pages, and even the non-human characters have a life of their own. This book is a great introduction to the dark, funny world of Margret Treiber. You can purchase it here.

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